Yoga for pain relief

Yoga brings benefits to those who suffer from chronic pain. It is proven!

Meditation and yoga are proven to be the best approaches to relieve chronic pain. No less than 9 out of 10 participants who have signed up for a stress reduction program say they have found ways to live better with their condition. For eight weeks, for two and a half hours a week, approximately 30 American men and women, aged 34 to 77, learned the principles of mindfulness meditation and hatha yoga and integrated them into their daily lives. By practicing being attentive to the present moment, without negative judgment, they found that they felt less pain and their moods improved. Depression often goes hand in hand with chronic pain, as people with depression eventually lose hope that their condition will improve. At the end of the study, some volunteers noted a decrease in their depressive symptoms that was as significant as if they had been taking antidepressants. They also regained the ability to perform certain movements.

The science of yoga: the age-old practice in a nutshell

Moving, stretching is good for you and keeps you healthy. And this is even more true if you add a greater awareness of your body in motion. To optimize the practice of yoga, Ann Swanson presents in this abundantly illustrated book a clear and accessible vision of the ancestral discipline. The anatomical diagrams show precisely the muscles involved in each of the postures, allowing us to better grasp all the subtleties. The texts, clear and concise, explain the benefits of the different asanas and give recommendations for performing them safely.