How to beat the hangover?

Who hasn’t dreamed, the day after a drunken evening, of making the hangover disappear with a magic wand? Researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland, may well have found this precious antidote. A 1200 mg tablet of the amino acid L-cysteine reduced or even made the headache and nausea of the participants in their study disappear. The 19 male volunteers had all drunk a significant amount of alcohol in three hours, based on their weight (about 7 drinks for a 140 lb/63.5 kg person). Those given the L-cysteine supplement suffered much less from their binge drinking than those given the placebo. The substance has so far been tested on only a small number of people. It is thus not tomorrow the day before that one will be able to plunge in the punch bowl without thinking of the following day!