8 tips : Learn to enjoy life even when everything seems to be going wrong

Learn to enjoy life. We could believe that to savor life we need optimal conditions: a beautiful sun, an ideal temperature, a great house, a perfect body, an idyllic job… In fact, we are always waiting for our happiness, our joy of living. What if we learned to enjoy life in spite of everything? Here are 8 tips to stop waiting to be happy.

Hi, dear reader, it’s Tiffany. I’m happy to see you in this new article.

Today I’m going to answer this question, “How do you learn to enjoy life even when everything seems to be going wrong? ”

A question that we often struggle with. Indeed, if we are totally honest with ourselves, our life rarely goes well! There are always problems, stresses and resentments lingering and we find it very difficult to relax and enjoy life.

In fact, savoring life is something that can be learned.

We have learned to take everything seriously. When we have a problem, we tell ourselves that we don’t have time and maybe even that we don’t have the right to enjoy life. We have to think about our problem, to go over it again and again.

What if we learned to savor life?

Because savoring life is not having all the good reasons on earth to be happy. It’s about deciding to be happy, despite everything!

That’s why I’m sharing with you 8 tips to learn to savor life.

1 – Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t

Learning to enjoy life means learning to think differently. Our brains are made in such a way that they focus more easily and for longer on the negative.

Unfortunately, this tendency of our minds prevents us from being happy.

Yes, dwelling on the negative in our lives invites frustration, sadness, and perhaps even anger.

What if we thought differently?

When you feel that nothing is going right, that nothing in your daily life makes you happy, I invite you to focus on the things you can do rather than on the things you can’t do.

To do this, make a list! Write down at least 10 things you can do. Turn your brain around. Think positive!

Learning to enjoy life is all about seeing the thousands of possibilities in front of you and not the obstacle in front of you.

2 – Focus on what you have rather than what you lack

We tend to deplore what we don’t have. This is also our negative thinking brain!

But, we can change our way of thinking.

It is normal to see what is not going well in our life, what we lack, moreover, this often invites us to define new goals and it is great.

But, it becomes dangerous, when we feel powerless and helpless in front of what we lack and we end up forgetting what we already have.

If you feel like you are only focusing on what you don’t have and that makes you suffer, I invite you to take a few moments to make a list of everything you already have. List at least 10 things!

Let a feeling of gratitude wash over you. Yes, you don’t have everything you want, but you already have so much. Remind yourself!

Learning to savor life means not letting ourselves be undermined by focusing on what we don’t have. Savoring life is about realizing how much we already have and feeling lucky.

3- Learn to savor life, it’s to enjoy yourself without waiting

Savoring life is now!

Unfortunately, we tend to wait until tomorrow to enjoy ourselves.

We say to ourselves today, there are so many things to do. I’ll see you tomorrow if I have time.

Unfortunately, time flies, things to do pile up and we never savor.

You are not on Earth to check off your To-Do list, to do lots and lots of things. You are on Earth to love life, to savor it.

That doesn’t mean to drop everything, to let yourself go, to have no more goals.

It just means to give yourself time to enjoy yourself.

Do things, but also enjoy, because life is made of little pleasures.

4 – Be less serious

If we learned one thing in our childhood, it is to be serious.

Don’t laugh too hard, be serious, be good, work hard at school to get a good job…

Once we are adults, we are like condition. We have to be serious, hardworking, always busy doing useful things.

We come to feel guilty for enjoying, for doing nothing, for savoring life in fact.

What if we gave ourselves the right to live?

To live is also to enjoy! It is not only useful!

So let’s stop being too serious and give ourselves the right to enjoy!

5 – Learn to savor life: take more risks

Learning to enjoy life means learning to let the unexpected into your life.

Of course, there is a lot of joy inhabits, but there is also joy in the unexpected. We must know how to bring both into our daily lives. Find a certain balance between the joy of the known and the joy of the unknown.

When you feel like you are not enjoying life, I invite you to pay attention to the little signs of life. They can be found in last minute invitations, in emails with proposals for all kinds of outings, such as exhibitions, fairs…

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but we close in on ourselves and we don’t leave room for the unexpected.

Don’t let your mind respond to the unexpected, its answer will always be: no, I don’t feel like it. I’m tired…

Instead, let your heart speak and say: I’m curious, why not. Let’s give it a try!

Learning to enjoy life is learning to be surprised!

6 – Thinking of thanking rather than complaining

Maybe you’ve noticed. In our conversations, it’s easier to talk about what’s wrong, than to talk about what’s right.

As if there was a taboo. As if we forbid ourselves to be happy.

Why not give thanks instead of complaining?

Why not take a grateful look at our lives?

Learning to savor life means learning to see the things that are going well rather than the things that are not. It’s learning to say thank you!

Since this is not always a reflex, I invite you to start a good habit right now: make a list of the 10 things you are grateful for today.

You will see that your life will seem brighter.

Because that’s what savoring life is all about, it’s about stopping focusing on the negative, and focusing on the positive!

Savoring life is giving yourself the right to be happy in spite of everything!

7 – Learn to enjoy life: don’t let your bad mood take hold

Sometimes our thoughts get dark and we just sit there listening to them, then emotions like anger or sadness come up and we don’t know what to do.

We don’t have to follow the path of our thoughts, to stay there and listen to them.

When your thoughts get dark, I wholeheartedly invite you to distract yourself. Do something! Anything at all. Open a book, watch a video, call a friend to talk about anything and everything (especially not your dark thoughts).

8. Think about today rather than yesterday and tomorrow

Learning to enjoy life means learning to live in the present.

It is too easy to stress about yesterday or tomorrow. So much so!

We rehash yesterday’s mistakes, over and over again, without forgiving ourselves, without letting go or accepting anything.

We imagine tomorrow full of catastrophes.

And that’s it! Everything seems to be going wrong.

What if we stopped? What if we finally conjugate our life in the present and not in the future or in the past?

To savor life is to live each moment independently of yesterday or tomorrow.

It’s being able to say to yourself: ok, yesterday wasn’t a great day, but today is a new day. Maybe tomorrow will be difficult, but today is not tomorrow!

Learning to enjoy life is learning to be happy despite everything! It is to stop putting conditions to our happiness, to see only the negative of each situation. It is to remember the positive and hold on to it!