8 reasons that pushed me to leave and live abroad

8 reasons that pushed me to leave and live abroad

For a long time, I have had in mind the idea and the wish to live abroad. But why? Why do you want to leave? Why an Erasmus year in England? and now Dubai…
My boyfriend and my family are in France, but I needed to have this experience abroad. I will come back in another article, more in-depth, about my Erasmus experience in England.

So I will give you the 8 main reasons that encouraged my expatriation, in this case to Dubai. These reasons do not take into account the question of why Dubai, but only the choice of leaving for a new country.

Change your routine

If there is something I hate, it’s the routine. The famous subway-work-sleep routine that drives us all crazy. So by going to live in another country, you change your routine. But it takes time for the routine to settle, at the beginning everything is new, the excitement of the new departure is in full swing, we are afraid but we want to leave. Then the routine will settle little by little, we will have our new marks, but there will always be new things, new places to discover in this routine.

Desire to discover

I have always had this thirst for discovery! Of new places and their culture. That’s why I love to travel. So why not explore a place, a country, a region over a long period? On weekends you can visit, you can think you are traveling all year long.

A professional experience

First of all, I wanted to work abroad. As I have an M2 LEA, the international dimension is important in my work. And secondly, I had this opportunity in Dubai, I have always been attracted by the Alliances Françaises. This was my chance to get involved!

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be difficult for some people. Others don’t understand why you should leave your comfort zone if you feel good about it. Everyone will have their own opinion on this question. I needed to prove to myself that I was capable. Able to face the unknown, a new culture, a new language, a new city, a new job, new people. Of course, it’s easier to stay on a path that has already been mapped out than to take the side roads. But I promise you, with hindsight, we are proud to have left our comfort zone!

Gaining autonomy

By living alone in a place that is unknown to us, we inevitably gain in autonomy. You learn to rely on yourself. To get by in a language that is not our own. To make decisions by yourself.

Being in a warm country

This is a great chiller talking! There are winters when I even have allergies to the cold, yes yes it’s true! But honestly, who wouldn’t want to live a year in the sun? With a turquoise beach next to it? Crazy sunsets! Desert getaways?