7 questions to change your habits gently

Getting out of a routine? Sometimes, we feel the need to change our habits. But, how to do it concretely? Because it’s not about leaving everything, changing everything, or even taking on crazy challenges. In fact, we simply want to taste the new. That’s why I’m sharing with you 7 questions to help you get out of your routine gently.

Hello, dear reader. This is Tiffany. I’m happy to see you in this new article.

Today I’m going to answer this question, “How do you get out of a rut? ”

We have a mind, a body, and also a heart. The mind needs to think, have new ideas, and plan. The body needs food and rest.

And the heart needs pleasure. In other words, it needs to get out of its routine and have fun.

So when you feel the need to try something new, to change your habits, it’s perfectly normal. It is the heart that speaks, that has a need to satisfy.

But, how to get out of the routine gently? Indeed, changing our habits is scary, because we don’t want to change everything either, it’s exhausting.

That’s why I’m sharing with you 7 questions to get out of the routine and change your habits gently.

1 – To get out of the routine: am I bored?

Sometimes, we find it difficult to recognize our need to get out of the routine. Indeed, we are going in circles and our morale is morose. We don’t know why we are like this and we immediately think of a little depression.

In fact, it is essential to ask ourselves this question in order to realize that we are getting bored and that this is good news.

Indeed, boredom invites us to be creative. Yes, it is because we are bored that we will look for solutions to put joy back into our daily lives.

In other words, to get out of a rut, make your boredom your starting point.

2 – What would bring me joy?

Next, it is a matter of allowing ourselves to seek joy and, unfortunately, we rarely allow ourselves to do so.

Indeed, we have learned that life is serious. That we must be serious. That joy is for children.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, we need the joy to be fully happy.

So there is no shame in asking yourself this question: what would bring me joy?

Don’t put any barriers in your way. In fact, put a lot of curiosity into finding the answer.

3 – To get out of the routine: what would be the first step?

Even if we allow ourselves to be bored and to seek our joy, we will still have difficulties in taking action.

Indeed, we have learned to be serious and therefore to do serious things in a very serious way.

In other words, doing things that bring us joy is not in our habits. We can therefore be afraid, even feel guilty.

That’s why it’s important to ask ourselves a very small question: what if I, [First Name, Last Name], allowed myself to take a first step towards my joy, what would I do?

A very small question for a small step out of the routine. Because that’s what joy is. It’s not necessarily in the big things and the big actions.

Joy is everywhere, even in the smallest things.

4 – How do I reassure and encourage myself when I need it?

Allowing ourselves to get out of our routine and to change our habits with the sole purpose of feeling more joy will not be easy.

Indeed, we have accumulated a lot of beliefs about joy and seriousness in our minds and it will not leave us in peace. This is why we will sometimes feel guilty and have the impression of doing anything.

To seek joy is not to do anything. In fact, it is necessary, because it feeds our heart, our soul. We need it to feel good about our lives.

So, when you want to get out of your routine, ask yourself this question: how can I be reassured and encouraged when I need it?

Because when your mind makes you believe that what you are doing is not good, it is not serious, you are going to need you and your encouragement.

So, ask yourself now what would be the best way for you to encourage and reassure yourself in those moments of doubt.

5 – How can I listen less to others and more to myself?

Even if your life is only about you, others are always ready to give you their opinion, not to mention the fact that you ask them a lot about your life.

When you want to get out of your routine, to change your habits, it is essential to ask yourself this question: how can I listen less to others and more to myself?
In fact, we believe wrongly that others know us well, it is not the case. Rarely, anyway.

There is only one person who knows you perfectly, but this requires that you listen to him day after day, and this person is you.

Indeed, to get out of the rut, it’s all about listening to yourself. Stop asking for advice on what you should do to find the joy of life, trust yourself.

6 – And how do I regularly introduce new things into my daily life?

Getting out of a routine is not easy. Indeed, it requires us to change certain habits and it requires effort.

In other words, it is good to ask ourselves how to regularly taste novelty in order to make room for it in our daily lives.

Let’s understand that we don’t like emptiness. In other words, we tend to fill the holes in our schedule. And if we fill the holes without asking ourselves how to regularly bring in the new and unexpected, then we are not making room for them.

That’s why give yourself time each week to do nothing, to be bored, to ask yourself what to do to feel joy, and to launch yourself.

Yes, give yourself times when you don’t have to do anything else but look for your joy.

7 – Finally, to get out of the routine: how not to fall back into my old patterns?

The mission of our minds is to keep us safe. Yes, its goal is to keep us alive. So it is very concerning and wants everything to be in its place, well-paced, and above all without surprises.

This is his mission and he will never change.

This is why he will always be present with his reassuring ideas, his need to live according to a routine without surprises.

In other words, it is a question here of finding a balance between our mind is its search for the known and our heart is its search for joy and novelty.

This balance will never be immutable. Yes, sometimes we will be too much in the mind, sometimes too much in the heart. And, this is quite normal. We just have to make the adjustments, again and again.

Life would be far less exciting without this constant search for balance. Indeed, this is how we learn to observe and discover ourselves. We never arrive, because life is a journey.