12 Simple Ways to Gain Confidence at Work

Self-confidence is the key to making one’s place at work. Five pros share with us their tips to gain self-confidence.
The lessons of experience without the pain that (often) goes with it! This is the great gift that mentors can offer. A former teacher, a colleague, a client: anyone whose judgment is respected and with whom one is comfortable can play this role.

Tip: Expose your issues to someone you trust and ask for their opinion. “Ten minutes is enough. The interview can be done over the phone or outside the office,” suggests Anik Trudel, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Citizen Optimum, a public relations agency specializing in digital media. We’re being asked to play this role? We’re saying yes!

Listen to your instincts

Doubt is good. But you have to know that the best decisions are made a little with your head, a lot with your heart and your stomach,” says Nathaly Riverin, president of Femmessor, an association that supports women entrepreneurs.

Tip: When in doubt, listen to your inner voice. “Ask yourself if you can feel it. If it makes your stomach hurt, it’s a bad sign! “she jokes.

Living in oneself

Making a presentation in front of colleagues, meeting potential clients or walking into a room full of strangers: these are stressful situations for everyone. But when you project a strong and positive image, it gives you confidence.

Tip: Take a deep breath and anchor both feet on the ground. “The stronger you are in your body, the more confident you are,” observes Caroline Ménard, president of the consulting firm Brio.

Networking with a girlfriend

It takes a lot of guts to show up to networking nights alone. Caroline Ménard found the winning formula.

Tip: Invite a friend who lives in the same community as you. “We help each other: I introduce her to X, she introduces me to Y. It motivates us. “Caroline sets realistic goals for herself – shake the hand of such a person, make three new acquaintances. That’s enough to fill her address book!

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Keeping in shape

Self-confidence is also a health issue, according to Nathaly Riverin. “The more tired you are, the more self-doubt you have. »

Tip: Manage your energy rather than time spent at the office. “Just because you’re sitting in front of the computer doesn’t mean you’re efficient. Sometimes it’s better to get some rest. “A colleague is out of breath? We encourage her to stop. “We all have our moments and our realities. The girls would benefit from helping each other instead of judging each other. »

Always talking about the same things with the same world, ends up being boring.

Tips: Participating in sports challenges, sitting on a committee, getting involved in volunteer activities allows you to measure yourself against others, to showcase your strengths, according to Nathaly Riverin. “Putting your skills to use in a new environment is good for you. It’s good to use your skills in a new environment,” says Riverin. “Develop the art of conversation. Being interested in areas other than one’s own, reading on a variety of subjects, and varying places and people. “All this stimulates curiosity and exchanges,” notes Caroline Ménard. All of this stimulates curiosity and exchanges,” notes Caroline Ménard, “and increases social skills, and therefore inner strength.

Getting into a gang

The impostor syndrome is waiting for all of us. To knock it out, Rim Boukhssimi, alias La fille du web, has created La communauté des #LadyBoss, a private Facebook group of women entrepreneurs, where she plays the motivator.

Tip: Every day, she launches questions to her members aimed at boosting their self-confidence. – What’s your superpower? “What are you an expert in? » … « It’s silly,” says Rim, “but it feels good. I cheerlead with others the way I’d like to be cheered with myself. “She also gets the girls to talk about their difficulties. “I ask them, for example, what’s the worst thing they’re going through in their business. They provide solutions. It’s reassuring to feel that you’re not alone in the ordeal. »

Be caring

Negative looks from colleagues can undermine self-confidence. There is a fear of not being up to the task, of being pawned off. If, on the contrary, this look is generous, it will give wings,” says Anik Trudel of Citizen Optimum. And that benefits everyone, of course.

Tip: Erect benevolence as a team value. “Something’s not right? We ask questions. For example, “Do we understand each other? “For example, “Are you well equipped to do your job? “It makes a difference if you are looking out for the comfort of others. »

Forgive mistakes

A forgiving organization cuts gossip short. Such a one has committed a blunder? The question is emptied – to keep quiet would only poison the atmosphere. “I’m convinced that the person won’t repeat it,” says Anik Trudel.

Tip: Recognize that this mistake caused damage, learn from it, and then share it with the team in a transparent way.

Mixing generations

Drawing wisdom and creativity from youth and elders is rewarding. “Some force us to get out of our rut, while others put the situation into perspective by putting it into context,” says Trudel.

Tip: Form a pool of people of all ages, a committee of elders or a youth branch to brainstorm ideas

Meeting over coffee (or branding)

We work side by side and barely speak to each other. No time! As a result, one person’s expertise doesn’t always benefit the other, says Geneviève Guay, Vice-President at Dentsu Aegis Network, an agency that offers services in media, digital and creative communication.

Tip: Promote exchanges over a coffee (a real one!) through the digital matching platform TenThousandCoffees.com. The agency’s 1,500 employees are invited to create their profile according to their interests, their field of expertise, the knowledge they wish to share, and the knowledge they are looking for from other members of the network. Matches are established based on affinities. A way to circulate information among great minds!” The company keeps a record of the meetings for evaluation purposes and even reimburses consumption,” adds Geneviève Guay.

To make colleagues shine

You can’t be good at everything,” says Riverin. Working together, according to your skills, creates a zone of trust. “As long as everyone is in their place.

Tip: To find out, look at the shiny ones. “Some tasks are energizing, others less so. When you’re on your X, you communicate your energy. It’s very powerful for the team. Otherwise, you pedal underwater like a duck! »